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The List of 10: Making a Commitment to a Health-Supporting Diet

August 31, 2010 | Tags: Exercise , Featured , Food , Fruit , Health , Vegetables | Post comment

The List of 10: Making a Commitment to a Health-Supporting Diet

We live in a world of lists, surely a modern-day coping mechanism in the face of information overload and too many competing choices.  Here’s The Full Yield Top Ten to help you put eating well at the top of your to-do list today and forever.

  1. Eat primarily health-supporting, high-quality foods: the quality of what you eat is the most important ingredient in your health, your weight, your mood, your mind, your energy, and your sleep. We are all meant to be healthy, exuberant, and engaged and the quality of our diet is foundational to the quality of our lives, today, tomorrow, next year, next decade and for as long as we’re here.
  2. Avoid health-depleting, refined foods: these are not just empty calories, they get in the way of being healthy, exuberant, and engaged.
  3. Make half of your daily food intake vegetables and fruits (organic when possible).
  4. Prepare the food you eat yourself whenever possible: it is the simplest, purest and most inexpensive way to feed yourself and everyone can learn how, just say yes to learning and dive in.
  5. Eat with joy and appreciation—for the earth, for those who grew and prepared and made available that food, and for ourselves and our good efforts and our valiant bodies, ever striving to be well.
  6. Eat with others: food is the great connector, the hearth around which we have always gathered to share resources, strengths, burdens, and joy. 
  7. Consider being comfortable setting a non-judgmental example for others: every action we take changes the world in some way.
  8. Move when you can: stand, pace, walk, and yes, take the stairs!  Consider the jump rope and the hula-hoop, folk dancing and Frisbee-- when we engage in play we are automatically mindful and we naturally release stress.
  9. Know your health metrics and how to improve them: your body is your ride for your whole life.
  10. Notice how you feel and how you want to feel: give yourself permission to feel good—this is our natural default setting.